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While there is a severe worker and talent shortage in the Veterinary profession, there is also a shortage of qualified candidates in the Animal Health industry. However, the situation involving Animal Health employment is different than that involving the Veterinary profession.


Animal health employment: from practice to industry

In fact, there are two big trends occurring regarding Animal Health employment and the Veterinary profession. The first trend is that there are quite a few veterinarians who are working in clinical practice who want to make the transition to the Animal Health industry. There are people who are working in the Veterinary profession, but who are interested in making a change to Animal Health employment. Below are some of the reasons why this is the case:

  • They’re looking for a new challenge or want to broaden their skills.
  • They suffer from allergies.
  • They’re suffered an injury.
  • They’re seeking better compensation and benefits then what they’re receiving in the Veterinary profession (although the gap has been closing rapidly over the past few years).
  • They’re seeking more flexibility and better quality of life.
  • They’re entering into partial retirement.

This has been a trend that has been ongoing for the past several years, and at present, it does not appear as though the trend will be reversing itself any time soon. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) recently conducted a study that showed at least 25% of veterinarians in clinical practice want to find a job outside of clinical veterinary practice.

For those in the Veterinary profession who are seeking Animal Health employment, there are two things that they should keep in mind.

First, working in industry means that you might be working further from animals. In other words, you won’t be working directly with animals. For those who have an allergy, this may be the reason they are looking to make this move. For others, though, this could prove problematic if they enjoy working directly with animals. This is something that should be a factor in your decision-making process if you’re contemplating making the move from the Veterinary profession to Animal Health employment.

Second, working in industry means that you might actually impact more animals overall than working in the Veterinary profession. This is because you could be in a position to make decisions that will impact a larger group of animals, rather than affecting them on a one-on-on basis. As with just about everything else in life, you can’t get something without giving something up, and this includes with your professional life and your career. This may mean you may have to relocate to find an ideal position in the Animal Health Industry.


Animal health employment: mergers and acquisitions

The second big trend in the Animal Health industry involves mergers and acquisitions. When it comes to an acquisition situation, companies don’t need two of each department, so they eliminate personnel to reduce redundancies. So while some workers and employees are laid off, some remain to deal with a greater workload. In these situations, employees who do not lose their job could eventually become burned out, and when that happens, they’re likely to start looking for a new employment opportunity.

So overall, there are two things happening at the same time in terms of Animal Health employment and the job market. Due to ongoing mergers and acquisitions, there are experienced professionals who are looking for new jobs in the Animal Health industry. In addition, there are veterinarians working in practice who are looking for a career change, so they’re also seeking jobs in industry. As might be expected, this is making the job market in the Animal Health industry more competitive. Consequently, there are more available jobs in the Veterinary profession and there is less competition for those jobs. So as far as Animal Health employment is concerned, job seekers and candidates have less leverage than their counterparts who are working in practice.


A leading search firm in Animal Health employment

The VET Recruiter is the leading executive search and recruitment firm based in the United States with a focus on Animal Health recruiting. Our mission at The VET Recruiter involves two main objectives in regards to Animal Health employment. Those objectives are as follows:

  1. To help Animal Health businesses hire top talent to help their business grow and become more profitable
  2. To help Animal Health professionals attain career-enhancing opportunities that allow them to achieve the quality of life they seek


Our recruiters have been in search profession for more than 25 years, and we work “in the trenches” of the Animal Health employment marketplace on a daily basis. We speak with hundreds of professionals and top job candidates every week. Consequently, we have insight into what these candidates want, both in a job and also in a career. We also know the employers for which they want to work (and which ones they don’t). Because of the vast amount of experience and information that we possess, The VET Recruiter is the firm that employers call first when they have an important, high-level job opening that they need to fill on a discreet or confidential basis.

Our passion at The VET Recruiter is to solve problems and to make a difference in the lives of people. One of the ways in which we make a difference is by building and maintaining long-term relationships with organizations to help them with their Animal Health employment and hiring needs. Another way we make a difference is by presenting the best job candidates working in the employment marketplace, not just those individuals who are actively looking for a new job. Passive candidates often represent the best talent in the job market, the top 5% to 10% of professionals.

We believe there is no recruiting or executive search firm in the marketplace that is better connected than The VET Recruiter when it comes to Animal Health recruiting. You could be looking to hire one person or a whole team of people. On the other hand, you could be considering your next big career move. Regardless, we believe that we can help you to achieve your hiring and career goals, both in the short term and for the long haul.

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The VET Recruiter has an impressive track record of success and getting stellar results for our clients and candidates. Click here to learn more about why you should consider using The VET Recruiter for your Animal Health employment and hiring needs.

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