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Our Recruiting Process

The search process used by our recruiters has proven to serve as an effective means to identify, deliver and place high-caliber talent with our client’s organizations. Our process has proven to benefit candidates as well, by involving them in an effective system that walks them through the entire search process from first time introductions to offer negotiations and ultimately to successfully resigning their current position and beginning employment with our client’s organization.

Our goal is to present targeted candidates that have been interviewed and evaluated according to the client’s specifications. Throughout the process, we facilitate open lines of communication between our clients and candidates. Timing is essential, so we keep you informed and advised throughout the process to ensure successful conclusion of the search assignment.

Our step by step recruiting process can be summed up in these steps:

  1. Coordinate the job description and alignment with our client’s parameters.
  2. Interview the hiring manager for clarification of needs.
  3. Research to locate the logical talent pool.
  4. Check our existing databases for leads.
  5. Source to narrow our research results.
  6. Recruit.
  7. Qualify candidates by initial telephone interview against the necessary job essentials.
  8. Sift the potential finalists from the wishful thinkers, window shoppers, tire kickers, and underqualified.
  9. Perform in-depth interviews with potential finalists.
  10. Reference check performance if requested by client. (Most clients prefer to perform their own reference checks.)
  11. Arrange and coordinate the interview schedule.
  12. Prepare and counsel nominees for interviews by spelling out company needs, culture, organizational fit, hiring authority, personality, etc.
  13. Debrief candidates after each interview, answering questions, etc.
  14. Debrief client hiring authority after each interview, assessing strengths, weaknesses, incompatibilities, etc.
  15. Coordinate with hiring manager on possible offers to be made and set the stage for acceptance.
  16. Participate with company in providing necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer.
  17. Reconcile any differences with successful candidate to smooth way for offer acceptance.
  18. Assist successful candidate in cleanly terminating current position.
  19. Work with spousal placement, if necessary.
  20. Follow up after placement to assure new employee integration.