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Career Planning

Before you make that next career move, know where you are headed and do some career planning. Map out your career and personal goals and make sure the two complement each other rather than conflict. Working with the VET Recruiter will help you reach your goals quicker and identify career planning resources. Here is what you should do:

Determine your long-term goals.

Why are you in your current field?

Are your talents and personality traits utilized?

Are continued education and training priorities?

Think about the consequences.

Don’t make career decisions alone. Be sure that your family is supportive of your choices. By having their support, you will be able to move faster when an offer is made.

Manage your own career.

Between where you are now in your career and where you want to be is a world of uncertainty. However, it does not have to be that way. Take control of your career. You know where you want to go.

Take action to get yourself there.

Take a fresh look at your skills.

Things change rapidly in today’s economy. Make sure that your skills are cutting-edge. Research career enhancement opportunities in your industry through associations or training organizations.

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Career Planning – Consult With The VET Recruiter®

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Start your career planning off right by telling us your career goals. If you are a professional within the Animal Health industry, Veterinary Profession, or Pet Products Industry and are serious about advancing your career, we want to know about your career goals.

You don’t have to be actively looking for a new position today. If we are not aware of you and your career goals, you could be missing out on key opportunities to move your career forward to the next level. We don’t know many people who would not want to be aware of career advancement opportunities so make sure we are aware of you and your career goals so that we can consider your qualifications for our current and future search assignments.

The VET Recruiter receives new and interesting job opportunities on a frequent basis. Some of these job opportunities are part of what we call “the hidden job market” and are not advertised in trade journals or online job boards so the only way you would hear about them is through us.

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We partner with employers of all sizes from Fortune 100 companies to midsize and start-ups as well as veterinary hospitals throughout the United States and sometimes abroad. Some of the positions we have filled include:

President of Animal Health Company
Commercial Director US Operations
General Manager US Companion Animal Business
Sr. VP of Animal Health Services
Director of Veterinary Services
Sr. Director of Business Development
Director of Veterinary Biologics
Chief Scientific Officer
Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Sales
Associate Director of Vaccine Design Group
Director of Technical Services
Specialty Account Veterinarian
Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs
Director of Product Development
Senior Principal Scientist

Director of Safety and Efficacy
Technical Services Veterinarian
Medical Director
Chief of Staff
Regional Sales Manager
Director of Sales
Director of Marketing
Director of Genetics
Veterinary Pathologist
Manager of Pharmacovigilance
Pharmacovigilance Veterinarian
Product Development Manager
Sales Manager
Area Veterinarian
Associate Veterinarian
Territory Sales Representative

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How do you get started and register with us? The first step is to send us your resume and complete our online profile. There is no charge to candidates for us to place you in a position.

Once you send us your resume and complete our online profile, if we believe we can help you, someone will contact you to discuss your qualifications and career goals with you. If we have a suitable career opportunity now or in the future we are happy to consider your qualifications.

Making a career change is a personal issue that affects your whole life. If we feel we can help you, we spend time getting to know you, your needs and your goals. As you develop a relationship with a recruiter, you will have confidence in his or her ability to represent you to potential employers.

Our business is making the best match between candidates and employers. We have helped hundreds of professionals within the Animal Health, Pet Products and Veterinary Industries advance in their careers. Tell us about you and your career goals and we will let you know if we come across a great job opportunity for you. We may at some point have the ideal situation for you, whether it is next week or next year.

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