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Why Hiring the Best Candidate Available Could Reap Hidden Benefits

Hiring is a tough business these days, and that includes within the Animal Health industry and Veterinary profession. In fact, it’s especially the case within the Veterinary profession, specifically in terms of hiring veterinarians.

That’s because, as has been well documented by myself and others, there is a shortage of veterinarians in the job market, so much so that the unemployment rate in the profession has been hovering around zero for quite a few years. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is projecting that veterinarian jobs will grow 19% between the years 2021 and 2031, meaning that hiring could somehow become even more difficult than it currently is.

And that is why hiring the best candidate available in the job market, as opposed to hiring for a specific job or position, can offer hidden benefits to an employer.

This is similar to what some teams do during the National Football League Draft. Each year, every team goes into the draft with specific needs. Think of them like job openings. However, instead of drafting a player that could meet a specific need—or job opening—a team selects “the best athlete available.” Teams often do this when they can’t find the player for which they’re looking to meet a need, the best athlete available is an excellent or exceptional prospect, or both.

This same approach and principle applies to the job market and employers’ efforts to recruit and hire within that market. While traditional hiring practices focus on finding candidates who closely match the required skills and qualifications for a specific role, the “best candidate approach” emphasizes finding individuals who possess exceptional talent, potential, and a cultural fit within the organization.

Benefits of the ‘best candidate available’ approach

However, it’s important to note that hiring the best candidate available does not disregard the relevance of specific job requirements. Rather, it expands the pool of potential candidates to include exceptional individuals who may bring unique strengths and capabilities that go beyond the specific job description. With all of this in mind, below are seven reasons why hiring the best candidate available could reap hidden benefits:

#1—Versatility and adaptability

The “best candidate available” approach prioritizes individuals who exhibit versatility and adaptability. Hiring individuals who possess a wide range of skills, diverse experiences, and the ability to learn quickly enables them to handle multiple tasks and adapt to changing circumstances. This flexibility can be valuable in a dynamic work environment where job roles and responsibilities may evolve over time.

#2—Innovation and creativity

This approach also places an emphasis on hiring individuals who bring unique perspectives, fresh ideas, and a creative mindset to the organization. Such candidates can inject new energy, challenge the status quo, and drive innovation within teams. Their diverse backgrounds and experiences can lead to unconventional solutions and novel approaches to problem solving.

#3—Cultural fit and organizational values

Hiring the best candidate available ensures a strong alignment with the organization’s culture and values. A candidate who shares the same vision, ethics, and work philosophy is more likely to thrive within the organization, contribute positively to the work environment, and align with the long-term goals and aspirations of the organization. Cultural fit is crucial for creating a harmonious and engaged workforce.

#4—Team dynamics

Hiring the best candidate available allows organizations to build high-performing teams. Instead of simply filling a position, organizations can select candidates who complement the existing team members, bringing a diverse set of skills, personalities, and strengths. This approach fosters collaboration, synergy, and mutual support among team members, leading to increased productivity and improved outcomes.

#5—Competitive advantage

This approach can also provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Exceptional talent has the potential to outperform competitors, deliver superior results, and contribute to the organization’s success. By assembling a team of top-notch professionals, organizations position themselves for growth, innovation, and sustained competitiveness.

An investment in the future of the organization

There are two more reasons why employers should consider hiring the best candidate available during their talent acquisition efforts. First, it’s a long-term investment. While it may require additional resources, time, and effort to identify and attract exceptional talent, the payoff can be significant. High-performing candidates contribute to organizational growth, drive positive change, and positively impact the bottom line over the long term.

Second, this approach can enhance employee retention and engagement. When organizations prioritize hiring individuals with exceptional talent, they create an environment where employees are challenged, motivated, and valued. This fosters a sense of fulfillment, job satisfaction, and loyalty, reducing turnover rates and associated costs.

Soft skills play a crucial role in the hiring process when prioritizing the best candidate available over hiring for a specific job. While technical skills and qualifications are essential, soft skills encompass a range of personal attributes that are equally important in determining a candidate’s success within an organization. Listed below are four of the most important soft skills within this context.

  1. Communication and collaboration: Candidates who possess strong interpersonal skills can effectively convey ideas, build relationships, and work harmoniously within teams. Their ability to listen, empathize, and communicate clearly can enhance collaboration, productivity, and overall work environment.
  1. Leadership potential: Candidates who demonstrate strong leadership potential can inspire and motivate others, foster a positive work culture, and drive organizational success.
  1. Problem-solving and critical thinking: These skills are especially valuable in roles that require independent thinking, decision-making, and finding new opportunities. Candidates who excel in these areas can contribute to improving processes, driving efficiency, and generating fresh ideas.
  1. Emotional intelligence and resilience: Candidates who demonstrate emotional intelligence can effectively navigate difficult situations, adapt to change, and maintain composure under pressure. Their ability to handle challenges with resilience and empathy can positively impact team dynamics and overall organizational culture.

No matter the type of market in which we find ourselves, acquiring talent should always be the top priority of employers. And that’s why you must always be searching for it . . . and why sometimes, hiring the best candidate available could be the best move for your organization.

We invite you to find out more about our Veterinary recruiting services for employers and also learn more about our recruiting process and how we can help you hire more veterinarians this year.

We help support careers in one of two ways: 1. By helping Animal Health and Veterinary professionals to find the right opportunity when the time is right, and 2. By helping to recruit top talent for the critical needs of Animal Health and Veterinary organizations. If this is something that you would like to explore further, please send an email to stacy@thevetrecruiter.com.

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