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Your Family, Your Career, and Your Job Analysis

So—what are the final factors you should consider when conducting an analysis of your current job situation?  We’ve already tackled the topics of passion and the role that your company plays.  The final two factors might just be equally as important—or even more so—depending upon your individual circumstances.  Those two factors are as follows:

  • Your family—You might have a spouse.  You might have a spouse and children.  If so, then your company’s stance when it comes to its employees’ family time is an important consideration.  What is that stance?  Is it family-friendly?  Or bottom line-friendly?  Employees who can meet the financial and emotional needs of their family are happier, more productive employees.  Does your company’s philosophy reflect that statement?
  • Your career—This consideration is related to one in our previous blog post regarding opportunities for growth.  Plot out where you want to go in your career.  Then determine what course you’ll have to take in order to get there.  Then analyze where you are right now at your current employer.  Can you connect the dots?  Can you get there from here?  If not, a change of scenery (and employers) is probably in order.

Even if you’re not actively contemplating a move, you should conduct an analysis of your current employment situation.  If you focus on the five factors we’ve discussed in our last few blog posts, you’ll have a much better idea if you should stay where you are . . . or whether you should move on.

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