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The Value of Veterinary Recruiting Services for Employers

As an employer, how much do you know about the Veterinary profession?  What are the most recent trends and developments that are impacting the profession?

How about your competition?  What was their biggest and most recent move?  Who did they hire within the past six to 12 months?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, it illustrates how much a Veterinary recruiting firm could help your team and your Veterinary company.

The fact of the matter is that many Veterinary company officials and executives (including hiring managers) are so focused on what’s happening inside their own company that they’re not aware of what’s happening outside of it.  On one hand, that’s certainly understandable.

After all, the pressure to perform within the Veterinary profession is at an all-time high and climbing higher with each passing day.  Everyone is looking to gain an edge, and they’re pouring over their own processes in their never-ending quest to attain it.

However . . . what about the rest of the world, specifically the competition and the A-level players that could be available to you?  What are they doing?

This is where an executive recruiter can help, especially one who works “in the trenches” every day and has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening within the profession.  With that in mind, below are three BIG reasons why your company needs an experienced Veterinary recruiting firm:

  1. They have knowledge of current and emerging trends in the marketplace.
  2.  They have knowledge of what companies have been doing, are doing, and might be doing to achieve more growth.
  3. They’re having hundreds of conversations each week with A-level talent, including talent currently working for your competitors.

Do you have the time to make hundreds contacts every week with Veterinary candidates and others who have inside knowledge about trends and developments in the Veterinary profession?  Chances are good that you don’t.

What a REAL Veterinary recruiting firm does

There are many recruiting firms working in the employment marketplace that tout themselves as a REAL recruiting firm.

However, for quite a few of them, that is simply not the case . . . and here’s why.

A REAL recruiting firm partners with companies, making a commitment to help build them up and achieve grow through the identification, recruiting, and hiring of exceptional candidates that become top-performing employees.

A firm that is not a REAL recruiting firm does not make a commitment with a long-term vision in mind.  Instead, its recruiters focus more on the short term, “throwing resumes,” so to speak, in an effort to see what sticks.

The central difference between these two types of firms is that the REAL recruiting firm is primarily concerned with filling the position with the absolute best candidate possible first and the recruiting fee second.

The other firm is concerned primarily with the recruiting fee first and filling the position with the best candidate possible second . . . if at all.

Needless to say, the first firm is the one that provides the best candidates and gets the best results for its clients, even if it takes a little longer and involves more work to do so.

Below are five things that a REAL Veterinary recruiting firm will not do:

  1. Present candidates that are not qualified in terms of skills, experience, or both
  2. Present candidates without a proven track record of success
  3. Present candidates that would not be a good fit within the organization, culture or otherwise
  4. Attempt to make a candidate look better than they actually are in the hopes of filling the position more quickly
  5. “Throw” resumes at a company without screening the candidates to make sure that they are a fit for the position

What has been your experience working with recruiting firms?  How many of them would you classify as REAL recruiting firm? Which ones would you not classify as such?

Make sure that any firm with which you partner is just that—a partner in the entire recruiting and hiring process.  You want a firm that’s committed to the long-term growth and health of your company . . . and not distracted by the short-term financial gain of a quick recruiting fee.

Veterinary recruiting firms ‘sell’ the opportunity

It must be stated first and foremost that recruiting is a sales profession.  Make no mistake about it: when you’re attempting to attract and hire the very best candidates available in the marketplace, you’re selling not just the position, but the opportunity and the company, as well.

This is especially the case if you wish to attract and hire passive, A-level candidates.  The fact of the matter is that active job seekers typically do NOT have to be sold on the position.  Passive candidates, though, are another matter.

These candidates are more than likely being treated and compensated fairly well at their current employer.  In order for them to make a move, they need to be convinced that the move is the best thing for them to do.  And that is why recruiting is a sales profession.

The information and the facts of the situation only go so far.  It’s how that information and those facts are presented that ultimately makes a difference.  A high-quality recruiting firm excels at presenting this information in a way that effectively sells the position, the opportunity, and the company to A-level candidates.

With that in mind, below are five ways that quality recruiting firms sell the opportunity throughout the entire hiring process:

  1. Presenting the opportunity—You have to get the attention of A-level candidates first. Job postings and advertisements don’t do that.
  2. Overcoming objections—A-level candidates have plenty of reasons not to pursue a new opportunity, and they will voice them.
  3. Negotiating offers—Negotiation involves “give and take,” and candidates often must be convinced of what’s worth giving and what’s worth taking.
  4. Pre-closing—It’s also critical to make sure that the candidate is committed every step of the way and that nothing has changed. Recruiters know which questions to ask, and more importantly, when to ask them.
  5. Closing through the start date (and beyond)—As touched upon above, candidates must be convinced that the decision they made was the best one for them, up until and including their first day of work.

How many of the people involved in your company’s hiring process have had sales training?  Such training is not a “like to have” skill when it comes to recruiting.  It’s a “must-have” skill.

High-quality Veterinary recruiting firms do not just send resumes.  They not only have access to and find the best candidates, but they also sell those candidates on the opportunity the company is offering . . . and they continue to sell it all the way through the hiring process.

The VET Recruiter has 25 years of experience as a Veterinary recruiting firm. We know what it takes to identify, engage, recruit, and hire top talent in the job market. And we can help your organization, too.

Click here to see examples of The VET Recruiter’s placements. These are all examples of real positions that we have filled in the Animal Health industry and Veterinary profession.

We also invite you to contact us for more information regarding our recruiting process and how The VET Recruiter can help your organization identify, engage, and recruit the best talent in the Animal Health industry and Veterinary profession to fill your open positions and meet your hiring needs.

You can also call or text (918) 488-3901 or (800) 436-0490 or send an email to stacy@thevetrecruiter.com.

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