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The Value of Using a Veterinary Recruiter to Advance Your Career

A recruiter knows exactly which opportunities are available to those job seekers who are in a position to take advantage of them.  Job boards such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder are popular places for people to look for new jobs, but not all of the premium opportunities are available on these sites.  That’s because some companies choose not to use the boards for certain open positions.  Instead, they prefer to conduct a low-profile search, for any number of reasons, including the desire to unearth candidates who are more on target with the requirements of the job description.

And recruiters don’t know just about the opportunities that exist in the marketplace.  They also know about the companies that are offering them, how those companies operate, the types of individuals that they hire, and the culture that they possess, among other things.  While information such as this can be included in a job description, many times it’s not, and even if it is, it’s often difficult to convey these details in a truly accurate manner.  A recruiter who has experience with a company is able to convey and communicate exactly what the job seeker can expect during the interviewing and hiring process.

Why work with a recruiter?  Simply put, it’s a no-risk proposition.  First of all, it won’t cost you a penny.  Once you’re hired, the company pays the recruiter’s fee.  The fact that a recruiter presented and represented you during the process never affects your starting salary (or any other compensation, for that matter).

But even more than that, there’s also no risk involved in the way in which a recruiter handles your job search.  If you’re an employed job seeker, you recognize the importance of making sure that your search is handled in a discreet fashion—and that’s exactly what an executive recruiter can do for you.  Any information that you send and anything that you communicate will be kept confidential.

In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, you need every edge you can get in your job search.  A recruiter can give you that edge, and a lot more.  They can help advance the scope of your career, and they can do so in a fashion that will provide you with the feelings of safety and security that ultimately lead to greater peace of mind . . . and perhaps even the job of your dreams.

The reality of working with a Veterinary recruiter

When it comes to finding a better opportunity, everybody wants to increase the odds that they’re going to receive an offer of employment from the company for which they want to work.

Here’s the myth: Being represented by a recruiter will cost the company more money to hire you, and therefore, will decrease your odds of receiving an offer.

Here’s the reality: Being represented by a recruiter actually increases the odds that you’ll receive an offer of employment, and we’ll tell you why in this article.

Although on the surface, it might makes sense to believe that a company would rather save the cost of a recruiter’s fee while hiring a new employee, and to act on that belief, doing so could very well derail your quest for a better opportunity.  Here’s why:

  1. The cost of the wrong hire outweighs the cost of a recruiter’s fee—Companies are really only interested in one thing: hiring the right person for the job, no matter if they’re represented by a recruiter or not. Hiring somebody who’s not a fit—only to release them later and start all over—is extremely costly.
  2. Recruiters have access to opportunities not found anywhere else—For some positions, companies only use recruiters (as opposed to online job postings or other means) because they want the targeted candidates recruiters can find and present. Not being represented by a recruiter means that you won’t have knowledge of or access to these opportunities.
  3. Recruiters will help get you noticed—Because of the credibility that recruiters bring, companies are likely to look more closely at a candidate they present, as opposed to one who simply applied for an online posting and/or emailed their resume.
  4. Better interview preparation—Who knows the company better than the person who recruits talent for it? Almost nobody.  They know what the company likes, what the company values, and what the company is looking for, not to mention they know the specs of the job inside and out.  They’ll coach you throughout the entire interview process.
  5. Unbiased feedback—If you want to know how polished your resume is, how well you’re presenting yourself, or how you conducted yourself during an interview, a recruiter will tell you . . . and they won’t pull any punches. Receiving unbiased feedback is the quickest way to make strategic adjustments and improvements.
  6. Better negotiation—When it’s time for an offer to be made, a recruiter will act in your best interests, making sure that you receive the best offer possible. Since they know the company inside and out, they’ll also know which tactics to use to achieve the most beneficial outcome.

How a Veterinary recruiter can get you noticed

There are some things about the world of employment that are changing.

However, the benefit of being represented by a recruiter is NOT one of those things.  Representation is still the best way to get noticed by companies and to receive an offer of employment.

You might be thinking, “How can that be?  Don’t companies have to pay a fee to a recruiter if they hire a candidate they represent?”  Yes, they do.  However, at the end of the day, talent is what matters most to companies—finding the best fit possible for the job they’re trying to fill.

The bottom line is this: company officials know that hiring the right candidate will contribute FAR more financially in the long run than saving a recruiter’s fee in the short term.

With that in mind, what can a recruiter do to get you noticed . . . and hired?

  1. Access to the “hidden job market”—Think companies post all of their open jobs on the Internet? Absolutely not.  There are some positions that they only entrust with outside search consultants, for a variety of reasons: the type of position involved, circumstances surrounding the hire, a desire for only targeted candidates, etc.  If you don’t work with a recruiter, you won’t be considered for these premium opportunities.
  2. Differentiation—These days, companies are receiving hundreds of resumes in response to some of their open positions. After a while, all of those applicants seem to blend together.  However, being represented—and presented—by a recruiter will set you apart from the masses.
  3. Knowledge of companies within your industry—Recruiters work with these companies all the time. They know them inside and out, and you can put that knowledge to work for you, especially in the event of a face-to-face interview.
  4. Handling the terms of the offer—Negotiations can be tricky, especially if you’re attempting to conduct them yourself. A recruiter has been down this road many times, including with the company with which you’re interviewing.  They have the experience and the know-how necessary to ensure that the offer you receive is the one you want.

Companies want to hire the best person possible for the job, and they don’t care whether or not a recruiter represents them.  They’ll gladly pay a recruiter’s fee in exchange for a candidate who will become a superstar employee for years to come.

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