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Three Interview Mistakes That Are Easy to Forget

A face-to-face interview can be very exciting, since candidates are one step closer to perhaps landing the job of their dreams and taking the next step in their career trajectory.  Sometimes, though, they lose track of their behavior in all that excitement.

On the one hand, it’s understandable.  On the other hand, it could cost them the job opportunity they’re seeking.

While some interview mistakes are obvious, there are others that are less so.  In fact, there are some that are easy to forget . . . especially if the excitement of the situation is distracting.  Below are three such mistakes:

  1. Talking too much—Excitement, as well as nervousness, can lead candidates to talk too much.  This is the case if they’re taking too long to answer a question or just talking to “fill the silence.”  In either case, they’re not leaving the best impression.  The solution is to prepare for the interview through practice, which can also include role-playing with a friend or colleague.
  2. Not matching communication styles—Candidates HAVE to take their cue from the person interviewing them.  Everybody has different personalities, and thus, different communication styles.  Matching the style of the person conducting the interview greatly enhances a candidate’s chances for success.  For example, it would be unwise to crack jokes if the interviewer is straightforward and direct.
  3. Offering up too much compensation information—In their quest to be agreeable and cooperative, many candidates speak too freely about their current level of compensation, whether it’s base salary, benefits, or other perks.  Questions about compensation must be answered carefully and with tact.  It’s imperative to be prepared to answer such questions in this fashion.  However, it’s also important to remember that if you’re working with an executive search consultant, be sure to discuss compensation freely with them, as they can assist you in this area.

Candidates should strive to avoid as many mistakes as possible during a face-to-face interview.  Unfortunately, not all mistakes are created equal.  Some are easy to avoid, and some are not.

That’s why making a conscious effort to avoid the three mistakes addressed in this blog post will increase your chances for interview success—as well as career advancement.

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