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The most critical stage of the hiring process is the offer stage. That’s when a hiring manager decides to which candidate they want to make an offer of employment. However, some hiring managers underestimate the importance of this stage and they allow “employment bias” to affect how they approach it.

What is “employment bias”? This is when a hiring manager or other company official has a “mental block” when they’re considering candidates. As part of this bias, since they work for the organization, they can’t immediately understand why somebody else would NOT want to work for it. As a result, they automatically assume that the candidate to whom they extended an offer of employment wants to work for them.

When you think about, this makes a degree of sense. However, it’s a bias and a mental block that hiring managers must overcome if they want to hire top talent in the Animal Health industry and Veterinary profession. That’s because there are two decisions that are made during the offer stage.

First, company officials have to decide to which candidate they will make an offer of employment. Second, the candidate that they choose must decide whether or not they will accept the offer. There is no guarantee that the candidate will accept, and making that assumption could prove to be costly.

When you have the chance to hire top candidates in the Animal Health industry or Veterinary profession, you can’t take anything for granted. That’s why you must make a compelling offer to your top candidate and convince them that joining your organization is the best move they could make for their career.

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