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How do you know when it’s time to consider looking for another employment opportunity? You may be relatively content with your current position, but how do you know if you should stay where you are . . . or whether you should start to seriously consider your options?

One reason is if you have limited opportunities for growth or advancement within the organization. If you have no clear path for advancement, then that should be a red flag. Another reason is if your work/life balance is suffering. If you’re a valued employee within your current employer, there’s a good chance that you’re counted upon for a lot. But is it too much? Are you overworked? If so, then there might be better options available in the marketplace.

Something else to consider is if you lack passion for what you’re doing in your current position. If so, is the reason tied to the actual work that you’re doing . . . or is it because of the conditions under which you’re doing it? Pinpointing the exact cause is important in terms of your decision-making process.

A fourth reason to consider changing your job and employer is if you’re presented with another employment opportunity that is clearly better than the one you have right now. And when I say clearly better, I mean better in just about all areas.

Part of the value of working with an Animal Health recruiter or Veterinary recruiter is that they can present just such an employment opportunity to you. Recruiters work with Animal Health and Veterinary employers all the time, helping to fill their open positions.

If a recruiter presents an opportunity to you that is clearly better than what you have right now, that’s a reason to consider changing your job and your employer.

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