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If you work in the Veterinary profession, then you should be aware of the pay-increase potential that is available to you. According to an article published on TheLadders.com website earlier this year, being a veterinarian is the job that right now has the biggest pay-increase potential.

There are two ways to access this potential. One, receive a raise from your current employer. Or two, take a job with another employer and receive an increase in pay when you do so. Now, when an employer hands out raises to its employees, those raises are typically two to three percent, tops. However, when a person changes jobs, the percent increase that they receive is usually five to 10 percent and sometimes more. This is especially the case in the Veterinary profession.

The fact of the matter is that people who change jobs every three to five years earn more in compensation and benefits than people who stay at the same employer for longer periods of time. The reason is simple. Employers have to attract professionals they want to hire with more money, compensation, and other benefits.

This is why it’s important to be willing to at least consider hearing about other employment opportunities. After all, if you discover that an opportunity is not clearly better than the job you currently have, you can simply stay where you are. But if you don’t at least explore other opportunities, then you’ll never know what is out there and what is available.

The Veterinary profession has HUGE pay-increase potential right now. However, the only people who can access that potential are those who are willing to consider new opportunities and explore those opportunities.

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