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If you’re an Animal Health or Veterinary professional, there are three good reasons not to appear greedy to a potential employer.

First of all, the hiring manager will think that money is your #1 consideration. If that’s the case, then they might also think you’re at risk for accepting a counter-offer from your current employer OR you’re at risk for accepting their offer and then accepting another employer’s offer if you like that one better.

Second, a greedy candidate translates into a selfish employee. What the hiring manager sees during the hiring process is what they believe they’ll see if you become an employee. This is part of what personal branding is all about. You do not want to brand yourself as being greedy. That will make it far less likely that the hiring manager will make you an offer of employment.

Third, you’re killing the excitement surrounding your candidacy. No matter how excited the hiring manager was about your resume or your face-to-face interview, if they believe you’re greedy, then that excitement will fade and be replaced by hesitance.

This is a candidates’ job market, which means that top candidates have plenty of leverage when negotiating with employers. However, there is a limit to the leverage. Candidates can not and should not expect to abuse that leverage in order to create a better situation for themselves. Not only will you not receive an offer of employment, but you could also quite possibly “burn bridges.”

And that could come back to haunt you later in your career.

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