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There is one question that job seekers and candidates sometimes ask recruiters during the hiring process. That question is, “Why won’t you tell me the name of the employer?”

On the one hand, this is a logical question, and I certainly understand why professionals would ask it. After all, a job search can be a highly stressful and emotional situation. There are a lot of variables and a lot of unknowns. As a result, knowing the name of the employer may help the job seeker or candidate to feel better about any uncertainty that exists.

However, you must understand that recruiters are often bound to keep the confidentiality of their clients, just as they’re bound to keep the confidentiality of the candidates they present to those clients. For example, the organization could be replacing an underperforming employee or in the process of hiring “under the radar.”

Consequently, some employers will not want the recruiter to disclose its identity until a certain point in the hiring process. That point is when the individual has proven to be a valid candidate for the position and is moving forward in the process.

So if a recruiter presents a new opportunity to you, but does not disclose the name of the employer, it’s not because they want to “keep you in the dark.” They’re simply honoring their client’s request for confidentiality until you’ve reached the appropriate stage of the process.

Rest assured that if you are a serious candidate for the position, the recruiter will reveal the identity of the employer when the time is right.

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