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One of the biggest challenges in the marketplace today for employers is dealing with the Millennial Generation. While it’s true that Millennials present challenges, the fact of the matter is that every generation provides its own unique set of challenges. The key is to identify them and overcome them.

For employers that are looking to hire and retain more Millennials, there are two key factors involved. Those two factors are value and motivation. Millennials differ in regards to these two factors as compared to the generations that came before them.

Specifically, Millennials provide different value to employers than previous generations. In addition, they are motivated by different things than previous generations. Once again, Millennials don’t present more challenges; they just present different ones.

Certainly, Millennials bring with them a tremendous knowledge of technology and social media. They also value collaboration and company culture and work well within a team environment. In terms of what motivates them, Millennials focus on personal and career fulfillment. For example, they want to know that what they’re doing is making a difference in the world and that their employer is also making the world a better place.

So when it comes to hiring and retaining Millennials, recognizing the value they can provide for your organization and identifying what motivates them the most should be key elements of your organization’s strategy.

The challenges that the Millennial Generation present can be met and they can be overcome. However, it requires a proactive approach and an investment of time, energy, and effort. Once that investment is made, your organization can reap the many benefits that this generation can provide.

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