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There are a lot of things that are important to top candidates in today’s job marketplace. Starting salary and benefits are certainly among those things, but in many cases, those aren’t the most important considerations. Organizations that wish to hire the best candidates for their open positions must be aware of what these candidates want in a new employment opportunity.

One of these considerations is that of company culture. Top candidates want to know that if they accept your offer of employment, they’ll fit well within your organization’s company culture and they’ll enjoy the culture. What does that mean for you, the employer?

It means that you should be “selling” yourself to candidates during the hiring process. The first thing that you should be “selling” is the position you’re trying to fill. The second thing that you should be “selling” is the organization itself, including the company culture.

However, before you can “sell” your company culture, you must first identify what would make your culture attractive and enticing to candidates. What about your culture is attractive to current employees? What does your culture offer to candidates?

Once you’ve answered these questions and identified the value that your company culture offers, you must articulate that value and communicate it to candidates during the interview process. Not only that, but every person that candidates come into contact with during the process should also “sell” the benefits of your culture.

The bottom line is that company culture should play a crucial role in your organization’s hiring strategy. That’s because it’s important to top candidates, and if it’s important to them, then it should be important to you, too.

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