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Job seekers and candidates sometimes think that if they apply for the same job through more than one channel, it increases the chances they will be considered for the job. While that might seem to make sense, the fact of the matter is that it does NOT increase those chances.

Hiring managers do not base their selection of candidates upon how many times and different ways those candidates have applied for the position. Ultimately, they base their selection upon the qualifications of the candidates. If you’re unqualified for a position and you apply for it five different ways, that does not mean you’re now qualified for it.

But if you ARE qualified for the position and you apply for it five different ways, then you’ve branded yourself in a negative way. That’s because the hiring authority might think that you’re overzealous or wasting their time with additional paperwork.

If you have the skills and the experience to be considered a serious candidate for the position, then you should apply through just one channel. One of the most effective ways to do that is with the help of a search consultant or recruiter.

If the recruiter is already working with the organization, then they have information regarding the position, the company culture, and the hiring manager that you do not have. Not only that, but when a recruiter presents you for a position, the hiring manager is guaranteed to know about you. That’s not always the case with an online application that may not end up in the hands of the hiring official that you want it to go to.

Applying for a job multiple ways does not help your job search. However, applying through one channel, specifically through a recruiter, can improve your candidacy.

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