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Who works with recruiters? This is a question that some people ask. I’ve been a recruiter for more than 20 years, and I can tell you that both companies and job seekers, or candidates, work with recruiters.

That’s because recruiters can help in one of two main ways. First, they can help to find the right employment opportunity when the time is right. Notice the two elements that are present here.

The employment opportunity has to be the right one for the candidate involved. Then it has to be the right time for the person to make a move and take advantage of that opportunity.

Second, recruiters help by recruiting top talent for the critical needs of organizations. Once again, there are two elements here.

Recruiters find top talent in the marketplace, which means professionals who are performing at a high level for another company. In addition, the need that the organization has is critical. There is a high degree of importance attached to the position, and that’s why the hiring manager has chosen to work with a recruiter.

Search consultants, or recruiters, provide unique value to both Animal Health and Veterinary organizations and also to those who work within the Animal Health industry and Veterinary profession.

Keep in mind that recruiters can provide both types of value to a company official in charge of hiring at different times throughout their careers. Not only can they recruit top talent for the organization’s open positions, but they can also find a better employment opportunity for that company official when the time is right in their career.

The bottom line is that recruiters help organizations and professionals reach their goals for success!

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