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The Company’s Role in Your Job Analysis

We’ve already discussed the fact that passion is probably the number-one factor when it comes to analyzing your current job situation.   But what about the role that your current company plays in your job analysis?  There are two factors that are associated with that role:

  1. The vision or direction of the company—Obviously, your company should have one.  However, it doesn’t stop there.  If the company has a vision, it has to communicate that vision clearly to its employees in such a way that the employees buy into the vision and understand their role in it.  If you don’t know what your company’s vision is—either because it doesn’t have one or because it hasn’t been communicated to you—then there’s a good chance the company is wasting your time.
  2. Your potential for growth at the company—Everybody wants to advance, both within their company and in their career.  How much of an opportunity is there for growth and advancement at your current employer?  If there is opportunity within your company, identify where it is and pursue it.  Otherwise, if there’s not, then your overall opportunity for advancement is being greatly curtailed.

Now that we’ve discussed your passion—or lack of it—and the company’s role in the process (vision and potential for growth), we’ll tackle the final two pieces of your job analysis puzzle in our next blog post.

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