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The Best Candidates Want These 4 Things, NOT Money

We’ve discussed on more than one occasion (in both our newsletter and our blog) the importance of treating passive candidates differently from active job seekers.  That’s because what motivates one group does NOT motivate the other group.

The most important distinction lies in what it takes for a passive candidate to accept your offer of employment as opposed to what it takes for an active job seeker to accept it.  Obviously, you have to “bring more to the table” for passive candidates.

And in fact, if we’re talking about superstar passive candidates—and let’s assume that we are, since those are the types of candidates that will make a real difference within your company—then must go even beyond that.

There are certain things for which superstar candidates are looking in terms of their next employment opportunity . . . and one of those things is not money.  These are candidates who can command top-level compensation, and they’re probably already receiving that compensation from their current employer.

No, these candidates want something else.  They want other, more intangible things if they are to be convinced to make a move.  Those things include the following four enticements:

  1. A leadership team with vision and direction
  2. Opportunities for growth and advancement within the company
  3. More challenging and satisfying work
  4. Recognition for their accomplishments

There are passive candidates languishing at companies who are receiving top-level compensation in lieu of the four enticements listed above.  Quite possibly, that compensation is the only thing keeping them there.  However, they yearn for something more than just a paycheck, and they would jump at the opportunity to have it.

Are you prepared to offer these things to superstar candidates?  Are you prepared to communicate to these candidates that your company can provide them?

If so, then you’re in a position to make those superstar candidates your superstar employees.

We help support careers in one of two ways: 1. By helping find the right opportunity when the time is right, and 2. By helping recruit top talent for the critical needs of organizations.  If this is something you would like to explore further, please send an email to stacy@thevetrecruiter.com.

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