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Preparation is the Key to Effective Reference Checks

What does your company do when it comes to checking references?

There are different schools of thought regarding this topic.  On one hand, some company officials don’t check any references.  They believe it’s a waste of time.  After all, the people with whom they’ll be speaking are more than likely the candidate’s friends.  As a result, the conversations won’t be all that productive.

Meanwhile, some company officials take it to the other extreme.  They ask for as many references as possible, and they check them all—up to 10 or more.  Obviously, neither extreme is the optimum solution, regardless of what your personal (or professional) preference might be.  Some people like to check references, and some don’t.  However, the ultimate preference is to hire the best candidate possible, and reference checks definitely play a role in that process.

So—what’s the key?

As is often the case, the key is preparation—in the form of knowing who you’re going to call, the questions you’re going to ask, what information you’re going to share with others in the hiring process, and any other circumstances that deal specifically with the reference check.

In our next few blog posts, we’ll discuss how you can prepare for your reference checks so that you can get the information you’re seeking in the least amount of time.

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