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Be Aware of (and Prepared for) the Evolving Interview Process

Everything about the job market these days is evolving.  Not all of that evolution is due to the most recent recession, although the downturn has definitely played a large role.  Something which has been evolving for the past several years has been the interview process itself.

For years, companies employed more traditional interview techniques.  These revolved around questions that targeted a candidate’s qualifications in regards to their ability to perform the duties associated with the position.  However, fewer and fewer companies are employing these more traditional techniques.

Instead, they’re utilizing a different set of criteria for their interviews, a criteria they believe will be a better indicator of future success.  That criteria is part of what are known as behavioral-based interviews, of which all candidates should be aware.  It’s not enough just to be aware of them, though.  You should also be prepared for them, because chances are good that when you interview for your next great opportunity, you’ll be asked some behavioral-based interview questions.

During our next few blog posts, we’re going to delve into the topic of these types of interviews for the purpose of helping you prepare for them as much as possible—so that your next great opportunity doesn’t slip away.

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