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Animal Health Hiring

The VET Recruiter is a global executive search and recruiting firm that specializes in Animal Health hiring services for employers. We provide recruiting services for Animal Health companies and Veterinary organizations looking to hire top talent. This is usually defined as the top 5% to 10% of candidates in the employment marketplace.

To find this caliber of talent, The VET Recruiter relies upon a proven Animal Health hiring process. This process is designed to do five things extraordinarily well:

  1. Identify the top candidates in the job market.
  2. Engage those candidates in a meaningful way.
  3. Actively recruit those candidates.
  4. Help our clients hire those candidates.
  5. Onboard the candidates in an effective fashion.

While our Animal Health hiring process is beneficial for employers, it is also beneficial for job seekers and candidates within the industry. That’s because our process walks candidates through each step of the recruiting and hiring process. From the candidate side of the equation, those steps include the following:

  • Introducing them to a potential new employer
  • Preparing them for the face-to-face interview
  • Assisting them with negotiations during the offer stage of the process
  • Helping them in resigning their current position
  • Aiding them in beginning employment with our client’s company

The goal of The VET Recruiter is to present candidates who been screened, interviewed, and evaluated according to our client’s high standards and specifications. To help us achieve—and maintain—such high standards, we recognize the critical elements involved with successful Animal Health hiring. Below are the two elements that we consistently implement in order to meet our client’s recruiting and hiring needs.



We at The VET Recruiter place a high priority on communication. As such, we help to facilitate open lines of communication between our clients and the candidates they are considering for their open positions. There is a very good reason for this: when it comes to Animal Health hiring, time is critical.

Specifically, the transfer of information in a timely fashion is critical. The more quickly that information can be transferred, the better it is for everyone involved in the process. For the candidate, it means finding a better employment situation with a new employer. For the client, it means hiring a top candidate who can make a difference within the organization.



We at The VET Recruiter also believe that timing is essential. As a result, we keep our clients informed during every step of the Animal Health hiring process, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a successful conclusion to the process for all parties involved. (We believe in creating a “win-win’ situation for everyone!)

As mentioned above, communicating pertinent information is only half of the battle. The other half is doing so in a timely manner. That way, the communication of said information is of benefit to everyone involved in the process. Once again, this helps to create a “win-win” situation.

Our Animal Health Hiring Process for Employers

The VET Recruiter offers the highest level of service in regards to recruiting top candidates in the profession, and our commitment is reflected in our process. There are 20 steps in our Animal Health hiring process, and they can be summed up as follows:

  1. Align the job description with the parameters that our client has for the search.
  2. Review with the hiring manager for a clarification of the organization’s hiring needs.
  3. Research and source to locate viable candidates from the talent pool.
  4. Check our existing databases for potential candidates and leads.
  5. Narrow our search results to identify a targeted group of potential candidates.
  6. Actively recruit those potential candidates.
  7. Qualify the candidates through an initial phone screen or Zoom call against the requirements of the official job description.
  8. Identify potential finalists and separate them from the pool of unqualified candidates.
  9. Perform in-depth and thorough interviews with the list of potential finalists.
  10. Conduct reference checks on the potential finalists, if those reference checks are requested by the client. (Note: most clients prefer to perform reference checks on their own.)
  11. Arrange interviews with the client.
  12. Prepare candidates for these interviews by communicating what the employer is looking for, including personality and cultural and organizational fit.
  13. Debrief candidates as soon as possible after each interview, asking and answering questions.
  14. Debrief the hiring authority at the client as soon as possible after each interview, assessing the candidate through a wide lens of qualifications.
  15. Coordinate with the hiring authority on any offers they may want to make and then set the stage for the acceptance of those offers.
  16. Participate with the employer in providing the necessary information required for negotiating an acceptable offer.
  17. Work with the candidate to clarify points and reconcile differences to smooth the way for offer acceptance.
  18. Once the candidate accepts the offer, helping that candidate cleanly terminate employment in their current job.
  19. Work with spousal placement, depending upon whether or not that is necessary.
  20. Follow up after the placement has been made to ensure the new employee has been successfully acclimated to their new position.


Animal Health Hiring in Today’s Marketplace

In today’s competitive job market, effective Animal Health hiring is crucial for companies and organizations looking to hire. The scarcity and lack of top talent in the employment marketplace is the major reason, especially for those employers wanting to hire the very best candidates.

This means that employers must be proactive and not reactive in their efforts to find qualified candidates for their open positons. In addition, they must also actively recruit those candidates once they find them and not assume that the candidates will automatically be interested in their position. The problem arises, though, when these companies and organizations do not possess the personnel, the expertise, or the time and energy needed to carry out these tasks so they can fill their positions with the type of candidates they want.

The VET Recruiter has more than 20 years of experience in the search and staffing profession, and specifically with Animal Health hiring. Our process has proven time and again to get the results that our clients want. Not only that, but we also “work in the trenches” of the job market on a daily basis, which means that we learn about new trends and developments almost instantly. Armed with this information, we integrate it into our communication with candidates and use it to continue providing a high level of service and satisfaction to our clients.

Because of all of these factors, The VET Recruiter stands out as a workforce and workplace expert in the Animal Health industry. We are eager to put our expertise to work for our clients on a daily basis, and we can do the same for your company or organization. Our well-honed and highly polished Animal Health hiring process is evidence of our commitment to excellence and our desire to continue making that commitment to the organizations with which we work.

Click here to see examples of The VET Recruiter’s placements. These are all examples of real positions we have filled in the Animal Health industry.

We also invite you to contact us for more information regarding our process and how The VET Recruiter can help your organization hire the best talent in the Animal Health industry.

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