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6 Ways to Attract More Top Performers

Every company wants to attract more top performers, the best candidates that exist within the industry.  But how many companies plan to attract those top performers?

After all, isn’t hiring the best and brightest an important enough endeavor to necessitate a plan for doing so?  Logic dictates that if you create a plan for accomplishing something, you’ll increase your chances of actually accomplishing it.

With that in mind, below are six ways to attract more top performers:

  1. Evaluate your recruiting strategy.  What exactly does it involve?  What are the steps?  Are they clearly outlined?  Which numbers are you tracking?  How could the strategy be improved?
  1. Study your salary and compensation structure.  Can you retain your current talent with what you offer, in addition to attracting new talent?  Take a hard look at this area and make improvements where necessary.
  1. Be creative with your benefits.  These days, people want a flexible schedule and what they consider to be a healthy work/life balance.  It would be advantageous to accommodate these desires.
  1. Implement a knowledge-sharing or cross-training plan.  Top performers want to be surrounded by other top performers, and the sharing of knowledge between employees is of benefit to everybody.
  1. Create a mentoring atmosphere.  Top performers are all about continuous learning and education, and a mentoring atmosphere, like a cross-training program, will be to their liking.
  1. Cultivate a positive company culture.  All of the steps listed so far will help you to create just such a culture or to improve upon what you’ve already built.  For some top performers, a company’s culture can make or break their final decision.

Planning is a crucial element of attracting—and hiring—top performers.  They’re not just going to “fall into your lap” or “land at your doorstep.”

You have to recruit them, you must have a proven strategy for recruiting them, and you must have a deliberate plan for attracting them.



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