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4 Traits to Look for in a Great Recruiter

While it’s true that recruiters can provide value by helping companies find and recruit top-notch talent, not all recruiters are great.  (Which, of course, makes recruiting like any other profession.)

So how can you tell the great recruiters from the average ones?  Below is a four-point checklist that identifies the common characteristics of a great recruiter:

  1. They’re knowledgeable.  “Knowledge is power,” as the saying goes.  A great recruiter is extremely knowledgeable about the market in which they work, including the best companies, the top candidates, and the emerging trends.  They’ll put this information to work for you, helping you to find the superstars you need to take your company to the next level and also retain the superstars you need to stay there.
  2. They care about you and your company.  This might seem like a hokey sentiment, but it isn’t.  A great recruiter cares whether or not your company succeeds, and they care whether or not the candidate they place at your company excels.  A great recruiter has everybody’s best interests in mind, and they work ceaselessly to ensure that not only is a great candidate identified, recruited, and hired, but also that the candidate becomes a happy and valuable employee.
  3. They’re passionate.  People who are passionate about what they’re doing are almost always better at what they do than others.  A passionate recruiter will bring energy and enthusiasm to any search, and they’ll meet obstacles and challenges head-on.
  4. They have a great attitude.  Recruiting is very much an up-and-down profession.  Almost anything can happen, and it usually does.  A great recruiter doesn’t let external circumstances negatively affect them, the search, or you.  Instead, they remain positive in the face of adversity and continue moving forward in anticipation of success.

Recruiters can be a tremendous resource.  However, you don’t want to partner with just any recruiter—you want to partner with a great recruiter.

A great recruiter has the potential to help transform your company in new and exciting ways by providing outstanding value during the search and hiring process!

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