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4 Reasons You Should Be Conducting a Passive Job Search

Everybody has an idea of what their “dream job” would be.  There are some people who are working their “dream job” . . . but those people are in the minority.

You might be currently employed, and you may even like your job, but there’s a good chance it’s not the job of which you’ve always dreamed.  That’s why you should be conducting a passive job search.

Actually, if you’re employed, that’s just one of the reasons you should be doing so.  Below are three more reasons:

2)  You’ll have more flexibility—Specifically, this means that you’ll have more flexibility to be selective.  If it turns out that a new position doesn’t have everything you want, you can choose not to pursue it.

3)  You’re working from a position of strength—Your flexibility and ability to be selective puts you “in the driver’s seat,” so to speak.  Companies will be pursuing you, instead of the other way around, allowing you to negotiate in a more effective manner.

4)  You’re more likely to make a better decision—With more flexibility comes more options, and when a person has more options and is working from a position of strength, they’re more likely to make better decisions.

So what should you be doing?  First, keep your resume consistently updated.  Be sure to add new skills or accomplishments, including degrees or training certifications.

Second, continually engage in networking activities to increase your circle of contacts.  These are people who could help lead you to a new opportunity.

Third, enlist the services of a recruiter to assist with your passive job search.  Nobody knows the market better than your recruiter.  That’s because they work in it every day, and they know about job openings before they’re made public through traditional means.

There are endless stories about people who found their “dream job” when they weren’t really looking for it.  That’s because they conducted a passive job search, and it paid off for them.  It can do the same for you!

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