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Why You Should Always Say “Yes” to Opportunity ?

Teresa: Welcome to “The Animal Health Employment Insider,” brought to you by The VET Recruiter. In this podcast, search consultant Stacy Pursell, founder and CEO of The VET Recruiter, provides insight and practical advice for both companies and job seekers. The VET Recruiter’s mission is to help organizations acquire top talent, while helping professionals attain career-enhancing opportunities that increase their quality of life.

In today’s podcast, we’ll be talking about why people should say “Yes” to opportunity, especially when it involves their career Animal Health Jobs . Hello, Stacy.

Stacy Pursell: Hello, Teresa. I’m glad to be here.

Teresa: Stacy, this is a topic about which you feel very strongly, is that right?

Stacy: That’s right. This year, I’m starting my 21st year in executive search. During the past two decades, I’ve spoken with thousands of professionals about possible job opportunities and about their careers. Over the course of those conversations, I have noticed a very distinct pattern.

Teresa: What pattern is that?

Stacy: There are two kinds of people: those who are open to opportunity and those who are NOT open to opportunity.

When I talk to professionals, one of the first questions that I ask is, “Are you open to hearing about another Animal Health Jobs opportunity at this time?” Unfortunately, some people are not open. In fact, some are closed and say “No” before they even know what they’re declining.

Teresa: How often does something like that happen?

Stacy: It happens almost every week that I will talk with someone who says they are not open to opportunity.

Teresa: Do you have some examples of what you’re talking about?

Stacy: Absolutely! I have multiple examples.

I called someone recently to let him know about an opportunity, but before I could even tell him what the Animal Health Jobs opportunity was, he said, “I am not open to opportunity.” Now, why would he say that before he even knew what the opportunity was? How did he even know what he was saying “No” to?

In this particular instance, I knew the person involved. In fact, I had observed his career for about 10 years. I knew that the opportunity I was presenting was of a higher level than the current position that he held. I also knew that the opportunity was with the one of the top employers within the industry.

This was all good information. However, I was not able to communicate this information to the person. This individual didn’t know what the position was, what company it was with, or anything else about it. All he knew was that I was calling about an opportunity and he was not interested.

I do believe this…. I believe that if he had known what the opportunity was, he may have been interested. It was a more prestigious role with a more prestigious company. How is something like that not interesting?

Teresa: Do you have an example of a situation where you were able to convince somebody to consider an opportunity?

Stacy: I certainly do, and it remains one of the favorite stories of my recruiting career.

This example stands out in my mind because this individual called to tell me that the position I placed him in was the best thing that ever happened to him and his family. He wanted me to know how much he appreciated that I convinced him to interview with my client.

See, when I first called this individual about the opportunity, he said he was very happy where he was and he wasn’t interested in making a change. He had a good position and didn’t want to make a move. However, with some gentle nudging and encouragement, he went to the next step. He interviewed for the position and received a fantastic offer.

With the raise in pay he received for accepting my client’s offer, he and his wife were able to:

Pay off their debt.
Have a baby.
Start saving money for their baby’s future.
Buy a house.
He was able to increase the opportunities available to him in his career.

There were a number of times he wanted to stop the process because he said he was happy where he was and he wasn’t ready to make a change. Not only that, but it also was a six-month long interview process.

In the end, he accepted my client’s offer and now feels that this position had a tremendous impact on his family and his life. He told me it was one of the best decisions he’s ever made.

Although he wasn’t open to the opportunity initially, he eventually made the decision to at least be open to it. That decision turned out to be a life-changing one Animal Health Jobs.

Teresa: Wow, that’s certainly a great story! What do you say to professionals when they tell you that they’re not open to an opportunity?

Stacy: First, I communicate to professionals that the best time to consider making a move is when you have a good job. That’s because you have leverage and you can strategically choose the best opportunity.